Well, kids! The squeaky wheel gets the grease! State Farm dropped a check in the mail today!


Like a Good Neighbor, my @$*


Almost a month ago (4 weeks ago tomorrow), my house was broken into. It was a horrible, terrifying experience. I wasn’t home, but I arrived home to find my dog pinned against the wall with a heavy wooden bookcase and many of my belongings missing.

I have insurance through State Farm, so I pretty much thought things were going to be okay.

Like I said, tomorrow will be 4 weeks since the incident, and I have yet to see a dime. I was told that this would take 1-2 weeks.

They request info, I send it to them, they wait 2-3 days, request additional info, I send it to them… Repeat.

OR I send them something and 3 days later they call to ask where it is. I tell them I sent it, they look at their email, and it’s magically there.

I even had to go to the police station and physically get a report and fax it to them because it was taking the city police too long to send it. What was the rush if… there was no rush?

I emailed my claim rep yet another piece of info Friday and I got an out-of-office message that says she will be gone May 12-16. It’s July, so that’s not exactly helpful. I called the other rep I have contact with and left her a message. No response. After all day Friday and an entire weekend. Where’s that helpful guy on the commercial in khakis that’s available any time?

At least the @StateFarm Twitter account responds? They haven’t told me anything helpful, but they return my messages.

I’m just really frustrated. I need to replace some of my things.

It doesn’t help that the feeling I get from the claims reps is one of disorganization and confusion. I know I’m not their only customer, but this should have been resolved by now.

I love my agent and her office, but this dealing with the claims office is for the birds.