R.I.P Black Flats, 2007-2011


I’m going to show you something, and you’re going to judge me. I’ve worn these shoes multiple times per week since 2007.

photo (56)

See how the soles are detaching? The holes? The wear?

Yeah, these were $14 at Target. And they’ve been my near-constant companions for the last 4 years. I graduated from college in these shoes! I wore them to the rehearsal dinner for my wedding! I’ve traipsed around Philadelphia, Atlantic City, Houston, Dallas, Perdido Key, and St. Louis in these shoes (and probably other places – I just don’t remember)!

I hate shopping for shoes. I hate spending money on shoes. I have a wide, long foot with a super picky arch, so shoes are nearly impossible to find.

And yet…

Today, I replaced them. With not one, but TWO pairs of flats. AND they cost more than $14 each. So maybe I’ll won’t have to buy new ones for, like, 8 years this time?