Losing my edge


When I first started this whole “going back to school” thing, I sort of had a competitive edge. A decade older than most of my classmates, with a bachelor’s degree already under my belt, I was more than comfortable with the concepts presented in my classes.

I was pissed when I was literally the oldest person in my first engineering class – even older than the grad student teaching it. But I was confident. I was helpful. I was positive.

Well, now that I’m almost to my “third year” of the program (though I only started last fall – transfer credits help), my classmates have gotten a little older and wiser. I can’t just skate by on what I rolled into this program already knowing. Even though I’ve worked hard up to this point, I’m sensing that I’m going to have to work much harder during the upcoming school year.

thermodynamics notes

I’ve struggled through calculus since I started the program, but I’m told that the most difficult part is behind me. I worked hard through the big weed-out chemical engineering intro class, and I made an A. But Circuits and Thermodynamics this summer are proving to be far more than I’d bargained for.

Ah, well. As I was told in my calculus class nearly every day last quarter, “If it were easy, everyone would do it.”