Why, yes. That is the contents of my kitchen emptied into my living room!


photo (49)

And so begins the Great Kitchen Remodel of 2011. Wish me luck! Well, more accurately, wish my Dad and my brother Daniel luck. They’ll be doing the hardest parts. All I’ve done so far is pick out paint and box stuff up and move it. Tomorrow, they’ll demolish the bottom cabinets and maybe rip out the floor. Then we’ll paint. A lovely sage green color.

And the best part???

I’m getting…

…wait for it…



I haven’t had one of those since I moved into this house Easter 2008! I’m soooooo excited!

Not that I’m not excited about the new floor and new cabinets and new paint and new curtains and new countertops and new sink and new faucet and new broom closet, because I am. I really, really am. BUT A DISHWASHER, you guys!