I name things.


This is my car.

n80500022_31531904_803687 n80500022_31531905_4892691

Her name is Zilla. It’s a Hebrew name meaning “Shadow”. Since she’s dark blue, it’s appropriate. Also Z –> Zilla –> Zoom Zoom –> Mazda. See what I did there?

This is my laptop. She tells me to try harder.

photo (58)

Her name is Gabrielle. Named for a Ween song. Also… G –> Gabrielle –> Gateway. See what I did there?

This is my iPod.


Her name is Petunia. P –> Petunia –> Pink iPod. See what I did there? Okay, so that one’s more of a stretch. But whatev.

This is my iPad.

photo (57)

What’s her name? What? You think I’m going to go with P for iPad again? Or maybe W for White? Or A for Apple?


Her name is Moaning Myrtle. Because she’s white. And because my friends say I whined about it for a long time before I actually got it. Winking smile

See what I did there?

Other people name things, too. I LOVE to check out the names for people’s wireless networks.

I totes wish I’d thought of this one first:


Pretty fly for a WiFi.

Alas. I did not.

BUT I was in a local bar recently and found this one: