First meal in the new kitchen!


Cinnamon spice pancakes! With pears from my grandparents’ pear tree canned by my dad.


Delish! I’ll have to post the recipe.

I also got new curtains!


My mom made them! Love!

Kitchen is so close to finished! Full reveal coming soon!




Well, kids! The squeaky wheel gets the grease! State Farm dropped a check in the mail today!

Kitchen Remodel, Day 4!


Wow, they’re making some progress! I’ll let you see for yourself.

photo (54)

The countertop and sink are in! This countertop replaces gross, gross, gross tile. And the stainless sink replaces a really old ceramic sink original to the house. What an update!

photo (55)

And the dishwasher is finished! After a test load, it definitely works – drains correctly and everything!

I can’t believe how well and how quickly everything is coming together!

Tomorrow: building a pantry, countertop on small cabinet, hardware on cabinets, trim

Kitchen Remodel, Day 2


I have lots of homework to do, so I’ll make this quick.

photo (52)

New sturdy metal door replaces the old wooden one. A deadbolt that actually works, too!

photo (53)

New floor! This wood laminate replaces nasty, cheap, torn linoleum. Exciting! Also, one cabinet is in! This stained oak replaces wood cabinets that had been painted over and over and over and over again. This is a marked improvement – I promise!

Dad and my brothers Daniel and James have worked so hard over the last couple of days! I’m so grateful.

Tomorrow: Wiring and plumbing for the dishwasher, placing the cabinets and dishwasher. Maybe a sink? Maybe countertops? Who knows!?!

Who wants to see some demolition?!?


Yes, kids! It’s Day 1 of the Great Kitchen Remodel of 2011. All the cabinets were ripped out and the walls were painted.

This first pic is from my dad.

photo (51)

Look, ma! No cabinets! Isn’t that crazy?

And then the painting… The old color is the orange. The new color is the sage. The sage is much nicer, don’t you agree?

photo (50)

The blue is, of course, painters’ tape. Smile I’m not painting that door because I’m getting a new door!

I’m so pleased with the new color! Much more calm and definitely more in line with the color scheme of the rest of the house.

Tomorrow: new floors, staining cabinets, and (maybe) cabinet installation! So exciting!