Black Bayou


I love this place.

IMG_0035 - ed

So when I got my new camera, I knew it was the first place I had to go to play around with it.

IMG_0202 - ed

I don’t claim to be a great photographer – or even a good one. But I love taking pictures.

IMG_0225 - ed

This morning was perfect (early, anyway – before it got cloudy). The sky was clear and super blue.

IMG_0304 - ed

My grandfather had a huge love for this place – Black Bayou NWR. He volunteered many hours there. He also loved photography and taught me to love it. So this morning, when I spent some time taking pictures in one of his favorite places, I felt really connected to Gramps. I think he would have liked these.


If you don’t like something, make it better.


photo (67)

This looks like a bad photo of a regular coat hanger right? Until you read what’s in the card. In my grandmother’s handwriting:

“Grandpa didn’t like cardboard on his hangers so he took them apart and replaced the cardboard with wooden dowels. This hanger should remind you of grandpa’s legacy. If you don’t like something, make it better.”

This Christmas present might be my favorite this year. What a great thought with which to end 2011 and look toward 2012. Merry Christmas, everyone.

60 Years


This week, my grandparents celebrate SIXTY YEARS OF MARRIAGE. Isn’t that crazy? I didn’t even make two – I can’t imagine sixty.


The flowers in church today were given in honor of the occasion.


Grandma said that she never imagined sixty years as she signed that marriage license – if she had she might have thought about it a little harder. 😉

Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa, for the amazing example you’ve set!