World of Nerdstitch


I don’t even know how to talk about these without revealing myself as an all-out nerd.

 So I’ll just show you.


This is a cross stitch of all the races in World of Warcraft. On the top are the Horde characters: orc, troll, undead, pandaren, blood elf, goblin, and tauren. On the bottom are the Alliance: human, dwarf, gnome, pandaren, night elf, draenei, worgen. Pattern from Pixel Power Design.

I know, I know. 

But see how much this guy liked it?


And then I designed this one and made it for myself.


That swirly thing there is a hearthstone. The hearthstone is the thing in game that takes you “home.” So… “Home is where the hearthstone is.” Get it? Get it? 

I know. 



What (re)started it all.


It started sometime last year with an idea – a desire to do something different, something with my hands. So I picked up a free (incredibly geeky) pattern online, some hand-me-down materials my mom had sent home with me at some point, and just… 

Started stitching. 

And I haven’t really stopped.



How fun is the frame I found at Hobby Lobby for this old school Nintendo controller? It hangs over my newfangled electronics at home. 

I know I haven’t exactly been faithful to this little blog, but I’ve been a bit busy (Haven’t we all?). My idea is to catch you up on some of the crafty stuff I’ve done and show you what I’m working on. Talk about what’s going on in my life a little. No promises. I’m clearly not very good at them.