Dog Lessons for People



I’m a dog person. I like dogs. I like dog people. Have you met my baby?


There’s nothing quite like a hardcore dog nap, don’t you agree? This is LuLu, who has a pretty good life for a former shelter pup.

When I saw this LizzieKate pattern, I knew I had to make it for myself. But before I could get around to doing that, I decided to make it for my boyfriend’s mom for her birthday. She’s a dog person, too. Which means… you guessed it… we get along just fine.


Meet Dazey and Zeus.


I even changed up the colors on the dog to look like Dazey and Zeus!


This is the piece I frantically finished on my one and only snow day (there’s no minute like the last minute). I love this pattern. I’d make it a thousand times and give it to every dog lover if those letters weren’t such a pain.


Auggie’s trip to the park.


It’s  Christmas break, right? Right.

So why have I spent my ENTIRE day doing separations homework?

Excellent question.

I’m so frustrated with this assignment.


Joey and I took a break from homework to take his precious Auggie to the park. It was a delightful break for ALL of us.


D’awww! You can tell his daddy is his hero, right?

IMG_0546 - ed

This is SUCH a typical Auggie expression. And look at the sand in his beard!

IMG_0559 - ed

Forsythe Park at sunset was a glorious place to be.

Back to the grind… Joey and I were just lamenting the lack of “cool” places to do homework on a Friday night. When we realized…