Star Trek Doomed Redshirt Cross Stitch



Sometimes a friend sends you a cross stitch pattern as a gift and then you have the brilliant idea to stitch it for them and then you forget to mail it to them for a long time. Sorry, Mer. I’ll mail this. Eventually.

Pattern available from aliciawatkins on Etsy.


Something new: Matryoshka Quilt


Oh boy. It’s been a while. I took a little hiatus while work got overwhelming and I learned a new skill.


I’ve definitely learned something new!

 My mom is an incredible quilter. She has this giant, amazing sewing room that required the demolition of a wall and the construction of built-ins to house her stash, her machines, and everything else.

 But it’s never really been my thing.

 Until now, I guess.


I fell in love with some fabric. Those little dolls by Riley Blake. A friend of mine was using them in some quilting projects, and when I saw them on Instagram, I HAD TO HAVE THEM. 

Mom suggested the Falling Charms pattern from Missouri Star to showcase the fabric. You’ll note that these charms fall the exact opposite way because I’m bad at following directions.


And this backing. And the tag. I’m just in love with this.


It’s not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. But I’m absolutely in love with it. And couldn’t wait to do it again.

Dog Lessons for People



I’m a dog person. I like dogs. I like dog people. Have you met my baby?


There’s nothing quite like a hardcore dog nap, don’t you agree? This is LuLu, who has a pretty good life for a former shelter pup.

When I saw this LizzieKate pattern, I knew I had to make it for myself. But before I could get around to doing that, I decided to make it for my boyfriend’s mom for her birthday. She’s a dog person, too. Which means… you guessed it… we get along just fine.


Meet Dazey and Zeus.


I even changed up the colors on the dog to look like Dazey and Zeus!


This is the piece I frantically finished on my one and only snow day (there’s no minute like the last minute). I love this pattern. I’d make it a thousand times and give it to every dog lover if those letters weren’t such a pain.

Latte Love!


I know, Valentine’s Day was a long time ago, but cute is always in season.

fp lattelove header

And who doesn’t love a sweet little latte?

 I changed up the colors on this Latte Love pattern from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. I love the brights on the black!

fl latteloveurl

Not that the black was fun to stitch on – it wasn’t. But the way the colors pop is definitely worth it.

Stitched on 14 count black Aida with DMC threads.

Spring Banner


April is almost here! April (at least this year) means Easter, which is my absolute favorite holiday! I had friends in town over the weekend and the weather was gorgeous, so it’s only appropriate that we celebrate with some bright spring décor!


This Spring Banner was the Silhouette store’s free shape of the week a couple of weeks ago (but you can still get it now for 50 cents!). I pulled some brights out of my cardstock stash and went to work!


Here’s the finished mantle with some bright eggs in jars and a vase. I brought in some white wrought iron pieces. Love this for spring.


Note: I changed the holes in the banner to fit my flat ribbon. The pattern uses circles (probably useful for string or twine), but I wanted an oval shape so the ribbon would lie flat.


I had leftover eggs and no candles for these candle holders, so this idea was born. I’m rather proud of it. 

My friends Jen and P and their darling E were in town over the weekend. We had a blast checking out a bunch of local spots, including something I’ve never done before – a tasting at Landry Vineyards! ’d tried several of their wines before, but I need to head back for their Redneck Red and Blueberry Merlot. Both were really great!

springbanner megandevieurl

She loves her Aunt Meg! 

So many great things to love about spring! Colors! Things blooming! Warmer weather! Oh. And BASEBALL! Happy Opening Day, everyone!

The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery – Once Upon a Time Samper – March


As promised, progress on my other giant year-long sampler!


How cute is this? No, really. So cute.


Snow White! Doing laundry! With dwarves! 

Okay, I made a tiny change in mine so that Snow White has her hands on her hips. Those dwarves can do their own laundry. 

I’m in love with the mirror. And those apples!


How funny is it that both samplers I’m doing featured a frog prince in February? 

Those sweet little cupcakes! Mmmm. Cupcakes.


This Three Little Pigs block might just be my favorite so far! I love the detail in the brick house. The pigs are just adorable! So is the big, bad wolf.


I love the border, too. Teeny castles! Mushrooms! Crowns! Fleur de lis! Eee! So cute. 

Want to stitch along? The pattern is available from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery.

Check out all their patterns! So adorable! I’m still working on the Twelve Days of Christmas one from last year, and I’m pretty sure that the Sugar is Sweet sampler is my next project! I also did the Latte Love pattern for Valentine’s Day – I’ll show you that one soon!

I am stitching on 14 count Aida in Vintage Mocha. This is not the recommended fabric, but was recommended as a lower-cost alternative by the pattern designers. I am really loving it. The designers wanted the fabric to look like a page from an old book. This definitely accomplishes that look in person – photos don’t do it justice!

Do you still think I’m not absolutely insane for attempting both of these in a year?