The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery – Once Upon a Time Samper – March


As promised, progress on my other giant year-long sampler!


How cute is this? No, really. So cute.


Snow White! Doing laundry! With dwarves! 

Okay, I made a tiny change in mine so that Snow White has her hands on her hips. Those dwarves can do their own laundry. 

I’m in love with the mirror. And those apples!


How funny is it that both samplers I’m doing featured a frog prince in February? 

Those sweet little cupcakes! Mmmm. Cupcakes.


This Three Little Pigs block might just be my favorite so far! I love the detail in the brick house. The pigs are just adorable! So is the big, bad wolf.


I love the border, too. Teeny castles! Mushrooms! Crowns! Fleur de lis! Eee! So cute. 

Want to stitch along? The pattern is available from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery.

Check out all their patterns! So adorable! I’m still working on the Twelve Days of Christmas one from last year, and I’m pretty sure that the Sugar is Sweet sampler is my next project! I also did the Latte Love pattern for Valentine’s Day – I’ll show you that one soon!

I am stitching on 14 count Aida in Vintage Mocha. This is not the recommended fabric, but was recommended as a lower-cost alternative by the pattern designers. I am really loving it. The designers wanted the fabric to look like a page from an old book. This definitely accomplishes that look in person – photos don’t do it justice!

Do you still think I’m not absolutely insane for attempting both of these in a year?


CloudsFactory Magical Creatures Sampler – March


cf march composite

I have a couple giant year-long works in progress going on this year. CloudsFactory is releasing a sampler one block at a time, full of magical creatures! I am absolutely in love with this pattern. The rest is a mystery, and I absolutely cannot wait to see what comes next!

cf january block url

This is the block that convinced me I needed to stitch this pattern. I started seeing it all over Instagram, and knew I had to get in on this. That tree! The centaur!

cf february block url

A frog prince for February, along with a cauldron and potions.

cf march block url

AND THIS. This phoenix. This is my absolute favorite so far! I think he is absolutely gorgeous! 

cf overview march url

And here’s the whole thing so far! Please excuse my sad hoop rings. Pay attention, instead, to that gorgeous border. So much fun to stitch!

Want to join in? You can buy a subscription to the pattern on

I am stitching on the recommended fabric, Magical Clouds from Dovestitch. I actually don’t love it. It looks beautiful – the blues are gorgeous and the silver sparkle is really pretty – but it has a little too much stretch. I’m using the 16 count Aida (it is also available in evenweave and linen).

I’ll post the first three blocks of another year-long sampler I’m doing on Friday! Am I crazy for attempting two of these at a time?

Me and my Silhouette Cameo


My parents are AWESOME. They got this baby for me for my birthday. I am SO EXCITED about all the things I’ve done with it and the things I’ve yet to try or dream up.


For anyone who doesn’t know about the Silhouette – it’s basically a printer with a multi-directional blade instead of an ink cartridge. It cuts paper and cardstock and vinyl and even fabric (with the right attachments)! 

So the first thing I did was thank them for the gift. Using… the gift.


Then I made a Valentine’s Day card using this free downloadable cut file from Under A Cherry Tree. I have learned so much about how to do things in the Sil software just from studying other people’s cut files. Extremely grateful to those who put their files out there for free!


Then I decided to get really adventurous and try some vinyl! Learn from my mistakes. DO NOT TRY THIS WITHOUT TRANSFER PAPER. This was a ridiculous mess, but I’m happy with how it ultimately turned out! A friend gave me a transfer paper tip that I’ve used since and I’ll share the next time I talk about vinyl. It will be soon, I promise!


Pretty cute, right?

Teacup banner!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I don’t have anything green to show you today. Unless teal counts. Does teal count? Who knows? 

I recently tried my hand at banner making using my Silhouette Cameo. A friend’s bridal shower was Saturday, and there was a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party theme. The colors were black, white, and teal. It was SUCH a lovely shower!

teacupbanner paper

I started by printing some pretty patterns on cardstock. These were either Microsoft ClipArt or free backgrounds I found online.

teacupbanner silhouettepattern

Then I grabbed this “tea time” set from the Silhouette online store so I could cut that adorable teacup! On sale for 50 cents! 

Et voila!


The saucers are just ovals. Nothing complicated about that.

teacupbanner closeup

I used her wedding date on the teacups! Martha Stewart glue pens are perfect for getting adhesive on those curly parts.

teacupbanner at shower

And here it is in action! So fun! 

This was so fun and easy. I’m now dreaming up where else I can put banners! I think my office needs one, right?

ProjectLife – October 2013


Still playing catch-up here, but I thought I’d show you my layouts from October. My ProjectLife method is to break things down by months and then use however many pages I need to document that month. October required three pages.




I also included two 8.5×11 pages for things related to the Monroe Symphony Chorus concert – the program that I designed and an article about the local composer featured. 

Lots of big changes for me in October! I blocked out some of the journaling because it was kind of personal. That’s what I love about ProjectLife. It really encourages me to journal like no other system I’ve ever tried.