Monogram Mania!


monogram headertext

Since getting my Silhouette Cameo, I’m constantly putting my monogram on things.

monogram 3dsurl

Like my pink Nintendo 3DS! This would be a fun way to make sure your kid could tell their Nintendo apart from their friends’!

I used this tutorial to learn how to design a circular monogram , which was SUPER helpful.

 I also searched out some monogram fonts on Pinterest and learned how to do a curly interlocking monogram.

monogram xstitchboxurl

I put this on the top of the tin I keep my cross stitch in (which is totally a cookie tin from Christmas!). I’ll be completely honest and tell you that these curly letters are a PAIN to put on. But so lovely!

monogram ipadurl

And then I got a little crazy with some hot pink vinyl and monogrammed my iPad! The flower shape is from the Spring Banner file I posted about earlier this week.The circle monogram is the same one as above, and the chevron stripes are from Pinterest! 

What should I monogram next? I have a couple other things I’ve done as gifts that I’ll show you soon!


4 thoughts on “Monogram Mania!

  1. I too am a monogram junky!!! I blame it on my years in a sorority at an SEC school!!! Love all your uses of a monogram!!! We’re you using transfer paper for the interlocking monogram? I’ve used that one a lot and when I use a transfer film they apply pretty easily!!

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