My first snow!


“Baby’s first snow” is probably supposed to be in a baby book somewhere with pictures of a toddler falling down wearing way too much clothing and generally being adorable.

Well that wasn’t me at all. My first real snow looked more like sitting on the couch at my boyfriend’s house in PJs and a hoodie cross-stitching and watching Netflix while occasionally looking out the window to see how the snow was snowing.


But look how pretty! 

So what else did I do on my trip? 

I got to go to dinner with these girls (and that guy) at City Tap House in D.C., which was really good!


I got to hang out with this guy for his birthday and drink even more beer.


And there was a fair amount of crafting involved, so you know I’m happy. His mom made me this scarf and I finished a bigger piece I was working on. Don’t worry… I’ll show you soon!


I also got to stay a whole extra day because of the snow, only to have my rescheduled flights home cancelled (thanks Delta). I spent like 16 hours in airports and planes on the way back, and managed to land at an airport 90 miles from home at 11pm. My fantastic father picked me up so I could be back at work. 

Stay warm out there! Vacation Meg, signing off.


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