ProjectLife: Something new I’m trying


I used to be a crazy scrapbooker. You know the type. I don’t even have to describe us. 

But then life got harder and I didn’t feel like I really wanted to record those moments (I know I still should have – we don’t know how far we’ve come if we don’t remember where we’ve been). And then when things got happier, I was just so overwhelmed with options and a blank 12×12 page was intimidating and I just… stopped. 

I discovered ProjectLife through Instagram. It’s pocket scrapbooking. You buy a kit (or you don’t, but I did – makes things faster). And you can throw a page together in, like, NO TIME. With no pressure. The kit does the hard work – everything already matches. 

You can also add elements of traditional scrapbooking – all the embellishment your little heart desires. 

But the point is to get your life in those pages. Document things. Document your LIFE. Some people do a page every week. I prefer to break it up into monthly chunks and use as many pages as I need to finish that month. I’m really loving it. 

Here are my first pages – from September 2013. I’ll show you more recent pages later, and I promise they get better. I’m just really loving this scrapbooking system.


September was such a fun month! To Dallas for a few days, where I hung out with friends, a week in Maryland with my boyfriend, and back to Dallas. Two concerts: Tegan & Sara in Dallas and O’Brother in DC. A couple of GREAT girls’ nights. Just… fun!

All ProjectLife cards are from the Craft kit. LOVE those little glasses!


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