Like a Good Neighbor, my @$*


Almost a month ago (4 weeks ago tomorrow), my house was broken into. It was a horrible, terrifying experience. I wasn’t home, but I arrived home to find my dog pinned against the wall with a heavy wooden bookcase and many of my belongings missing.

I have insurance through State Farm, so I pretty much thought things were going to be okay.

Like I said, tomorrow will be 4 weeks since the incident, and I have yet to see a dime. I was told that this would take 1-2 weeks.

They request info, I send it to them, they wait 2-3 days, request additional info, I send it to them… Repeat.

OR I send them something and 3 days later they call to ask where it is. I tell them I sent it, they look at their email, and it’s magically there.

I even had to go to the police station and physically get a report and fax it to them because it was taking the city police too long to send it. What was the rush if… there was no rush?

I emailed my claim rep yet another piece of info Friday and I got an out-of-office message that says she will be gone May 12-16. It’s July, so that’s not exactly helpful. I called the other rep I have contact with and left her a message. No response. After all day Friday and an entire weekend. Where’s that helpful guy on the commercial in khakis that’s available any time?

At least the @StateFarm Twitter account responds? They haven’t told me anything helpful, but they return my messages.

I’m just really frustrated. I need to replace some of my things.

It doesn’t help that the feeling I get from the claims reps is one of disorganization and confusion. I know I’m not their only customer, but this should have been resolved by now.

I love my agent and her office, but this dealing with the claims office is for the birds.


18 thoughts on “Like a Good Neighbor, my @$*

  1. Kristan

    That is so frustrating Meg. I’m glad all of our insurance is through another company that we’re happy with. I hope State Farm is listening to this, because they have a big problem and now that they know about it, it would be extremely bad business to do nothing to fix it. I hope they get your situation resolved quickly (um, like TODAY?!), and that they fix their protocol so this doesn’t happen to other paying customers.

  2. Wow, as a State Farm member with all our insurance with them, I find this incredibly disturbing. If this is an example of what we would expect if God-forbid something happened to our house/car, I’d be VERY angry.

    Meg, I hope you get satisfaction soon.

  3. Meg, this really shows that the advertising for the company is not what they deliver. Thank you for bringing this to light and I’m glad I didn’t decide to go with StateFarm for our insurance policies.

  4. Brooke

    Wow! This is really disturbing. We have State Farm for our car and house because they offered the best rate. Sounds like we may be better off paying a bit more =( I hope they fix this soon, Meg. You’ve been through hell and the people who should be there for you have failed. Shame on them.

  5. Liz

    I would like to think this is an isolated occurrence, but unfortunately, I had a similar experience with State Farm after one of their customers rear-ended me at a stop sign. Since I am also a SF customer, even through the same agent as the person who hit me, I hoped I would be well taken care of. Sad to say, it was a huge mess that ended up taking MONTHS to resolve, and even then the settlement did not cover all the medical bills accrued from the accident. My family has used SF for car, home, and renter’s insurance for years and years because we have had a good relationship with our agent, but it is highly disappointing to have such negative experiences with the claims department. I am so sorry that you are having to go through this, especially after such a traumatic and stressful event.

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